Where to find a military base(Fort Zancudo) in GTA 5?

Fort Zancudo, the military base in GTA 5, next to the swamps of Lago Zancudo where happens, you guessed it, the Zancudo River. If the military base is a place quite secret and strictly guarded, the place has such a control tower which has the distinction of being modeled. What we find is the answer we will try to bring through this guided tour in Fort Zancudo.
Where to find a military base in GTA 5?, but while most normal people bypass the Fort Zancudo, whether on land, sea or air, others try to enter within the base. Some of you have probably resented this time, leaving the Paleto Bay Hospital after undergoing military gunfire, tanks and missiles fighter planes, other retentent the blow and managed to explore some corners of the base, not without difficulty!

To avoid unnecessary medical costs, we filed a request with conviction to the governor of San Andreas to have unlimited access to a military base to discover its secrets, but was curiously denied! But wanting to go whatever happens, we have decided to launch our dear friend Trevor Philips to offer us a guided tour without permission, having armed a minimum.

A player who makes it get to the ground base undetected then they get a 4-star wanted level as soon as they enter. This will make an alarm to sound, and it till notify all the offensive aircraft, defensive ground vehicles and all armed soldiers.

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